We’re Different

Our Mission:

To provide our customers with exceptional workmanship, extraordinary service, and outstanding professional integrity.

We're Different Because...

Cummings Bros. Construction provides the same level of professionalism as a large company on a smaller scale and at a lower price.

Cummings Bros. Construction offers direct owner supervision of your project.

Cummings Bros. Construction assures quality construction.

Cummings Bros. Construction will work within our customer’s budget, targeting necessary repairs to prevent future more expensive and extensive repairs.

Cummings Bros. Construction stands for integrity.

Areas of Expertise

  • Masonry, Stone, Concrete Repairs
  • Historical Restoration and Renovation
  • Commercial Facility Maintenance, Tenant Finish

We will work within your budget to target necessary repairs.


Preservation Award from The Cincinnati Preservation Association. Award given for ‘An Outstanding Contribution to Historical Preservation in Greater Cincinnati for work performed at the Boulter House, a Frank Lloyd Wright design.

Cummings Bros Boulter House award 2